Feel the US-made earthquake!
B-29 Super Fortress Flyer in 1944

 To Japanese gPay attention to the US-made earthquakeh
 Do you remember the earthquake that hit Japan in 1923 with great damage? We are able to make an earthquake 1,000 times as big as the one.

Our earthquake is caused by a device brought in a container that weighs 2.5 tons to 4 tons. In a few seconds, the device will be able to destroy your precious properties taking years to build.

Pay attention to the US-made earthquake. And feel the great quakes of the earth when it is released.

Your houses will collapse, your factories will disappear, and your family members will be dying out.

Pay attention to US-made earthquake. You will see it very soon.

1944 flyer from B29

7th of December 1944, a big earthquake of magnitude 7.9 and tsunami waves hit Tokai area of Japan. 1223 people were killed and gave great damage to the industrial area including Nagoya-City. It was just 3 years after Pearl Harbor Attack on 7th of December 1941.