Soka Gakkaifs
Cocaine Business
January 1st, 1995, Emyo Admiring each other with hand-shake, King of Cocaine in Panama, General Noriega and Honorary President of Soka Gakkai, Daisaku Ikeda.
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Soka Gakkaifs Cocaine Business

By Mr. Toshimitsu Ryu, January 1st, 1995, Emyo

Soka Gakkai was investing the honest money from their followers in cocaine smuggling business. The profit was given to the leaders of Japanese LDP or Liberal Democratic Party. The fact was perceived by CIA. The US government intimidates Japanese government with the information as Japanfs weak point. That gave US a big advantage in diplomatic negotiations with Japan. As a result, Japan was compelled to take policies that benefit the US even if they are against Japanfs national interest.

Dr. Yoshihiro Tsurumi, a professor of the University of New York City, says amazing story in his book titled gAmerica Goroshino Cho-Hassoh (published in 1994 by Tokuma Shoten) He is a director of the Institute of Pacific Economy and well known as a researcher in the field of international management. The following is from 206 page of his book.


Triangle of three men, Ichiro Ozawa, Daisaku Ikeda and Noriega

A report criticizing Ozawa, distributed from Washington D.C. to all over the US, refers to a fact that cannot be disregarded.

The report discloses a fact that Daisaku Ikeda, who has a bad reputation even among his followers such as making counterfeit mandala and so forth, and Ichiro Ozawa, who helps Ikeda to become a Nobel Prize winner in peace for gaining in reputation as a pacifist, are scheming to take over Japan with the combination of religion and politics. It asserts Ichiro Ozawa is an unwelcome person because his alliance with Daisaku Ikeda.

To tell the truth, the article reminded me one thing. Going back to the past when President senior Bush was making puppets of Kanamaru and Ozawa, I had a question which could not be explained with a carrot-and-stick policy.

Then I asked an American who was close to CIA. The person told me a story about a line, Ozawa, Ikeda and Panamafs dictator General Noriega.

When former President Bush senior was a director of CIA, Noriega supported him as his agent and got involved in an operation throwing Prime Minister of Cuba Castro and anti-government groups in the Middle America such as of Nicaragua, into confusion.

In return, Noriega was allowed to do a crime smuggling cocaine from Columbia to the US even using airplanes of CIA.

Therefore, Noriega became overconfident that he would be able to control the Bush seniorfs US because he knew the weak point of the director of CIA, Bush senior.

However, Bush senior was clever enough to make a surprise attack against Noriega in 1989 just after he became a President of the US. Noriega was captured and brought to Florida to have a secret trial. In the trial he was found guilty and was put into a special jail.

In his confession, there was a story regarding Japan. It was that Daisaku Ikeda was investing followersf honest fund in cocaine business cooperating with Noriega. From the benefit, Ikeda gave enormous amount of money to Ozawa of Japanese LDP continuously.

Bush senior obtained the evidence and used it as a stick to control Kanamaru and Ozawa. Of course the US ambassador to Japan, Michael H. Armacost was a key-person who also used the stick.

An Asian diplomat also told me the story as gOzawafs Panama Connectionh well known to other Asian, Pan-Pacific countries. Japan seems the only one who does not know the fact.


Members of Soka Gakkai have blind faith in Daisaku Ikedafs words, gKosen-Rufu costs high.h And they are swindled lots of their money saved for their old age or even all of their property. However, the very honest money was given from Ikeda to the King of Drug Noriega to misuse for cocaine business and became a fund for worldfs drug crimes. Members of Soka Gakkai must not know about it.

At that time, Ikeda was very proud of the relationship with Noriega and constructed a nice garden called Noriega Garden in the sacred land of Fuji.

Besides, the commission from the cocaine business was given to Ichiro Ozawa and Shin Kanamaru and former President of the US George Bush senior controlled Japan through ambassador to Japan Armacost.

Followers were swindled their honest money out, caused world-wide drug crimes and eventually Ikeda sold Japan to the US with the dirty cocaine money

I donft know why Japanese media keep silent about this. They may have lost their sense by Ikedafs devilish@money power.

Anyway, Noriega is under sentence of 100 years in prison. On the other hand, Ikeda is aiming to take the rein of the government weighing Shinshinto Party against LDP or Liberal Democratic Party. (in 1995)

Can you be indifferent about this? Ikeda has committed far greater crimes than Noriega. He has to be put in jail for the rest of his life.