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Umineko Corp. is a Medical Translation Office led by Akihiro Higashida, M.S., a translator expert in medicine, biology and pharmaceuticals. Have you ever experienced any difficulties in reading articles or preparing professional papers written in English or Japanese? If so, you should consult with us. We have wide experiences in translating medical articles, clinical and preclinical study reports, papers and so on. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

since June 20, 1998
last updated on July 5, 1998
ver. 1.03

Translators' Personal Records

Name:   Akihiro Higashida
Date of Birth :   November 27, 1954
e-mail:   umineko@e-net.or.jp
Services:   Translations English < >Japanese
Field:   Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, General Sciences
Data transfer:   modem, e-mail or fax
Experience :    
  1981-1989 Pharmacological researcher at Institute for Pharmacology at one pharmaceutical company
  1989-1990 Freelance technical translator
  1991-1994 Researcher in clinical chemistry at one Clinical Research Center
  1994-date Freelance technical translator
    Medical articles, New Drug Applications, Clinical, preclinical and toxicological study reports,
Education :    
  1970-1973 Sumiyoshi High School, Osaka, Japan
  1974-1978 Department of Biology, Kobe University, Faculty of Science, Kobe, Japan
  1978-1980 Master's Course in Science, Department of Genetics, Kobe
University, Faculty of Science, Kobe, Japan
    Master of Science, March 1980
Major : (Behavioral) Genetics, Neuroscience, Neuropsycho- pharmacology
Minor : Cognitive neuroscience, Translation (English-Japanese).
Name:   Setsuhito Fukuhara
Date of Birth :   February 3, 1949
e-mail:   setuhito@e-net.or.jp, his own homepage is here.
Services:   Translations English < >Japanese
Field:   Dentistry
Data transfer:   modem, e-mail or fax
Experience : 1974-1983 Sumitomo Dental Laboratory (Dental Technic Trade)
  1983-date Opened Tsutsujigaoka Dental Laboratory(Dental Technic trade)
  1986-date A exclusive translator in "Quintessence Publishing Co.,LTD"
    Special Skills and Qualifications
Dental Technician Licence: March 1973
Education :    
  1965-1968 Higashi-sumiyoshi High School, Osaka, Japan
  1968-1973 Osaka Dental Technician College

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